Why pedophiles always seem to be in charge as empires decline

It’s fairly simple. They are easy to control and they have no crises of conscience.

Imagine you’re trying to find minions who will lie, steal, kill, declare wars, commit treason, and otherwise be nasty people without remorse, and who will always do what you say. That’s a tough order to fill, given that most demographics predisposed to betrayal and rapine also tend to lack conscientiousness and other employability traits.

But pedophiles and other extreme sexual perverts can come from any societal stratum. Further, I suspect the real powers behind the velvet curtain can create sexual perverts out of ordinary people by abusing them at certain times during their physical development. This is less far-fetched than the (entirely necessary) brainwashing methods used at boot camps since the dawn of time.

Pedophiles can be controlled by both carrot and stick. Drip-feed them a supply of beautiful children, and they will love you. Remind them that you have video recordings of everything, and they will fear you.

Combine this with the soul-killing effects of sexual perversion on the amygdala, which acts as a conscience for ordinary people, and you have the best possible figurehead politician. Keep in mind that in a small inner circle of perverts, there is no longer any component of shame associated with pedophilia et al. Actually, we can observe that societies of perverts tend to applaud individual particularities (an extreme manifestation of progressive “tolerance”).

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12 Responses to Why pedophiles always seem to be in charge as empires decline

  1. robotnick says:

    In the soviet union, Lavrentiy Beria (basically Stalin’s Bitch) was a prime example of this.

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  4. Heaviside says:

    Oh my God! The solution is so simple! If we just made pedophilia socially acceptable, then the potential whistleblowers would have nothing to fear.

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  6. Bob says:

    Are you aware of “Tranceformation of America” and similar works? They are routinely shouted down as conspiracy theory and there seems to be cointel involvement at some level, but where there’s smoke…

  7. jamesforrestalblog says:

    Still missing on Google search. Maybe it’s the pedophilia reference? But Yahoo “empires decline aeolipera” brings up the later post [https://aeolipera.wordpress.com/2014/09/22/an-experiment/]
    but not this one. But no one would go to the trouble of hiding something like this on a relatively obscure (sorry) blog unless….

    • Aeoli Pera says:

      Yeah, my best guess now is pedophilia references have to be on a whitelist, e.g. Salon’s pedophile apologist article.

      The fun thing is if you misspell it (“pedophila”) then you get normal search results filled with disgust and contempt. But the front page of results for “pedophilia” is saturated with acceptance and technical trivializations.

  8. “It’s fairly simple. They are easy to control and they have no crises of conscience.”

    What about a more passive explanation. Ie something in their personality make-up drives them toward politics? Could be the amorality + strong sex drive + familiarity with leading a double life.

    Your theory means that there are people out there actively recruiting pedophiles. Probably that is going on to some extent as well, but I think the passive theory accounts for more of it.

    • Aeoli Pera says:

      Absolutely correct. I think Rubio was recruited straight out of gay porn, whereas Cruz is simply inclined to seek political power and will participate in …Gavin McInnes calls it “fraternity hijinks”…in order to get in the club.

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