The Liebster Award (part 1)

Thanks to Mr. Armstrong, I have been nominated for the ‘Liebster Award’, which nomination I accept. I don’t like chain letters, but I’ve made an exception. Follow the above link for details and rules.

11 questions

1. Are you a synaesthete of some variety or other?

Short answer: no.

Long answer: To a small degree, but really only if the term is broadly defined into irrelevance. For instance, I do feel like numbers, colors, musical tones, and other inanimate things have personalities of their own. But I successfully ignore this inclination most of the time. I’m pretty good at picking a symbol out of a list of symbols. I can “see” the ebb and flow of music, but probably not to an unusual extent, not precisely, and not much more than I can “see” other abstract ideas with my occipital bun.

2. What, to your knowledge, is the most unpleasant documented method of execution (past or present)?

Crucifixion, I suppose, but I don’t know a lot of these methods. There exists a high upper limit on creativity, but the sadism of crowds tends to impatience. So most methods are over and done with relatively quickly, else they lose their potential for deterrence (crowds have short memories). The prospect of receiving individual attention in private, for the amusement of a genuinely narcissistic torturer, is more terrifying and has greater potential (but is less likely to be well-documented).

In addition, a great deal of the unpleasantness is psychological. Plumbing the depths of despair can be unpleasant, but one can also flee to numbness and madness. There are some complex dynamics here that I’m not going to mentally simulate out of mere curiosity. It is macabre and unhealthy, for instance, to imagine that being tortured once per day may be preferable to being tortured every other day while also being constantly surrounded by the begging screams of fellow prisoners.

3. Do you enjoy highly automated or highly complex work more?

That’s actually a more difficult question than it seems, but I’d have to go with highly complex work most of the time. When my muse is tired or on vacation, I take a great deal of pleasure in practicing genuine skills (playing scales on my guitar is a guilty pleasure, for instance). But simple things, even when accompanied by sensory rewards, tend to be tiring after a couple of hours, maximum.

One more caveat: I only enjoy self-imposed complex tasks. When they are assigned I get frustrated very quickly, and lose the ability to concentrate. Look up ADHD-Inattentive on wikipedia if you want a better description.

4. Do your intellectual interests incline more toward aestheticism or toward scientific inquiry?

I know that I should incline myself toward aestheticism, given my talents and deficiencies, but I find myself thinking and reading a great deal within the domain of scientage. In an ideal world, I’d study scientage in the early morning and aesthetics in the evening as my small family of thals huddle around the fireplace- alas, I acknowledge that a post-industrial society cannot survive unless the elites waste everyone’s time with busywork and meaningless day jobs. I’m less bitter about this than I used to be.

5. Which will happen first: the assassination of the Uruguyan president or the first major American political figure publicly acknowledging HBD?

I’m unqualified to make a prediction on either count. I’d have to do a week’s worth of research and meditation on the subject to form a comfortable opinion. Given my current body of crystallized knowledge, both may have already occurred and I just didn’t notice.

6. Would the world be improved if everybody had an IQ of 70 or lower?

Hell no. It’s an easy truth to observe, but the complexity of philosophizing about it can get out of hand pretty quickly. How to distill such a large truth into, say, 200 words? Let’s throw out the Divine Command theory of ethics for a moment and use economic utility as our metric.

Well, it becomes parsimonious to note that Africa sucks and nobody wants to go there because it’s populated by Africans. If Africa had no people in it, people would emigrate there in droves. That’s economic utility if I’ve ever seen it. Further, Finns and Africans alike want to live in Finland (despite the atrocious weather, which is even less pleasant for Africans).

Further, I anticipate the argument that smart people tend to despair. This is generally because they are surrounded by retards. Smart people despair less when they are surrounded by other smart people, or when they can immerse themselves in books written by smart people. I suspect they’d even support democracy in such a milieu, but maybe that’s going too far.

7. Which of the following epithets has been most frequently used against you: nutjob, asshole or douchebag? Which best describes you?

To my face, asshole, and pretty rarely. Maybe once per week? I’ve never been called a douchebag, and I even played team sports back in the days of my vigorous youth. I assume that people describe me as a nutjob quite often behind my back, because I’m relatively open with a lot of strange ideas. But because I’m rarely around people who can think on my level, my acquaintances become afraid to debate me pretty quickly. It’s a shame, because I enjoy debate. Even college graduates tend to avoid debate with me, in spite of their egos, brainwashing, and reduced self-consciousness.

A great deal of this is probably due to the extreme weirdness of my cognitive style and worldview. Ordinary people debate the morality of birth control in categorical terms, whereas I accuse TPTB of being midwitted pedophiles receiving marching orders indirectly from a transdimensional psychic octopus from space. Then I turn around and say stuff like “This is obvious due to my magical-intuitive neanderthal brain, and tends to support the biblical mythos.” I think people have trouble reacting to this stuff.

8. Can every even integer x be expressed in the form y + z, where both y and z are prime numbers?

Oh, fun question. My first instinct* is to look for counterexamples…hey, zero’s an integer and it can’t be expressed as a sum of two primes. So I guess not! A pedantic answer that’s technically correct, which is the best kind of correct. Aha!

(*Actually, my first instinct was to do a Google search. Presumably, this refers to some famous theorem or another that I really ought to know.)

But let’s rephrase the question:

8.0.1. (Still in Alpha) Can every even, strictly positive integer x be expressed in the form y + z, where both y and z are prime numbers?

Just noticed the part where it said “even” integer. #include <readingcomprehension.h>

Yeesh. Questions like these are like black holes from which my free time cannot escape. I’ll resort to Google…Oh, you bastard. I was gonna end up spending the rest of my damn weekend working on that. I’m reporting you to the FDA- you have to put warning labels on this shit.

9. After Comic Sans, what is your least favorite font?

Never given the subject of fonts much thought. But I’ve always thought that Chinese writing is very ugly-looking, in spite of its ideographic efficiency. It is the written equivalent to spoken German, which is very ugly-sounding.

10. What is the most politically incorrect belief you hold?

Well, it ought to be my belief that, in order to maximize utility, we should destroy all life in the universe. By some strange accident of causality, it is entirely acceptable to say this in polite company, despite that it is monstrous. Whether stated sincerely or mischievously, it can reliably prompt a cheap laugh.

But it is probably more politically incorrect to say that black people are retarded, overconfident, delusional, unbalanced, bloodthirsty, and economically useless, aside from being unpleasant to be around. Far from being philosophical or abstract, this is really a pretty trivial and down-to-earth observation.

11. Hopkins or Hardy?

I don’t know either author off-hand. My education is actually pretty threadbare because I’m one of those “self-taught” retards who only knows a handful of things, but at least I understand the stuff I know very well.

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1 Response to The Liebster Award (part 1)

  1. edenismstudy says:

    Congratulations on the award. This was a nice interview, I found myself agreeing with all of your answers.

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