Principles of psychotic organization: Energy

These are not in any meaningful order. This is a first draft, subject to revision, as always. The intended audience is TTs (or deep thals), and excludes most MTs, MMs, TMs, high-IQ cros, starchildren, and whatever-the-hell else monkey nonsense turns up in the genome.

1. Maximize biological energy through healthy routines: diet, exercise, hydration, hormone management, and sleep hygiene (particularly)

In the early stages, energy is the biggest obstacle to getting stuff done. It really doesn’t matter how organized your to-do list is if you can’t get out of bed, or if brushing your teeth feels requires an expenditure of willpower. When you have energy, brushing your teeth is only aggravating because there are other things you want to be doing at the same time. This is a huge difference: when you have surplus energy you want to get stuff done. When you don’t have enough energy, every action requires an effort of will. (Willpower is a finite resource and if it’s spent recklessly you can find yourself in a really nasty downward spiral.)

I sometimes think of energy as being interchangeable with willpower, but this is only an approximation. Energy is more like an income, whereas willpower is more like a savings account. Think of your to-do list as your bills. If your income is high enough you might still miss your bills because you’re disorganized, but if your income is too low it doesn’t matter whether you remember to pay your bills or not. A savings account is best used as a safety net (or by analogy to pull yourself out of a depressive spiral), or occasionally for singular, time-dependent investments. It’s not a perfect example because you can keep funnelling money into a savings account, whereas willpower seems to have a semi-stretchy upper limit.

Anyway, the main point is that quantity is job one. In the beginning stages, it’s better to habitually get more stuff done than to get a couple of the right things done. Eventually you’ll hit an inflection point where higher energy becomes less important than concentrated effort.

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2 Responses to Principles of psychotic organization: Energy

  1. Zeke says:

    Fun to think of that in terms of a health and shield bar. When your shield (energy) runs out, your health (willpower starts going down).

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