Ideal day exercise

Sleep schedule’s been weird. I was working a combination of 2nd shifts (approximately 1200-2000) and 3rd shifts (2000-0400). And there are a couple of natural sleep rhythms I can fall into: 0200-1100 or 2100-0500. I’m shooting for the latter, but I’m still oscillating all over the place.

What does my ideal day look like?

0500 Wake, sprints, shower
0600 Prep lunch, eat breakfast, dress
0700 Start drinking coffee, run some errands outside of the home
0800 More errands, or just relaxing, whatever
0900 Go time!
1000 Go time!
1100 Go time!
1200 Go time!
1300 Lunch
1400 Self-education
1500 Self-education
1600 Gym
1700 Gym
1800 Dinner
1900 Passive entertainment
2000 Night-time routine, read fairy tales
2100 Sleep

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