Macrofauna hunting diet vs. microfauna hunting diet?

Curious. I recently discovered a flaw in my otherwise absolutely perfect diet (stable for bio level 3, woo!), when I added wind sprints to my exercise regimen early in the day.

Before, I had only been lifting weights late in the day, or doing nothing, and a diet high in protein and saturated fat worked wonders for both cases. Roughly speaking, this seems to be a good diet for highly sedentary people, so that the body’s metabolism remains high between workouts to maintain one’s physique and prepare it for short bursts of extreme strength. Call this the neanderthal diet: hunt mammoth, eat mammoth, go trip on psilocybins and draw on cave wall. The good life.

However…doing sprints to the point of labored breathing (and it’s amazing how hard you can push yourself in five minutes) revealed that I have too much gas and phlegm for a sustained, extreme cardio regimen. You may have noticed that short-distance runners after a series of sprints have a great temptation to hack and spit- this phlegm buildup is the reason (partially, it is because excess saliva during a run can be very annoying). I think the gas is a personal thing because I have a tendency to burp during the first mile of my long-distance runs as well, and I haven’t noticed this in others. Also strange, I rarely fart these days…at all.

So there’s some strangeness for ya.

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