Evidence in favor of gender-biased dimorphism under k-selection

As described here. Stumbled across this:

Analysis of the ratings showed that gifted
children were more interested than were unselected children in school
subjects which are most abstract, and somewhat less interested in
the “practical” subjects. Literature, debating, dramatics, and history
were rated much more interesting by the gifted, while penmanship,
manual training, drawing, and painting were rated somewhat higher by
the control group. When cross-sex comparisons were made, it was
found that in their scholastic interests gifted girls resembled gifted boys
more closely than they resembled control girls.

The Gifted Group At Mid Life, Volume V, Genetic Studies Of Genius (1959)
Lewis Terman

This is to say that intelligent women tend to have masculine minds, as predicted. This is merely a scientific confirmation of a stereotype of which I was already convinced, ever since Koanic pointed it out to me.

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