Effects of hair on masculinity

Translation: Effeminate little boy is treated as if he’s a freak and a queer because he looks like a girl. Spends the rest of his life attempting to get back at society because he can’t figure out how to get a haircut and act like the other boys.

Vox Day
Another hit piece

Like muscle growth, hair growth changes the way we think. I note also that hairstyle has a smallish, direct effect on one’s self-conception and corresponding neurochemistry:

  • If he’d cut his hair, he’d feel more like a boy and less gender confused. (Reverse seems to be true- women who keep their hair long try to dominate their husbands less.)
  • Growing a beard would make him feel more like a wildman.
  • Going bald would make him feel like an old man, and less like a bold young man or a pretty girl.

It’s as much self-conception as anything, though identity-neurochemistry is also a medium-strength feedback loop. People dedicated to happiness through optimism and delusion will tend to have meltdowns upon discovering grey hairs and other such biological indicators that can’t be ignored. A mother of twelve children will be less upset when her hair turns gray. She’s already fulfilled the biological imperative of a fertile young woman, and is content to pass into the next stage of life.

To summarize, keeping a boy’s hair long makes it harder for them to act boyish. This matters right now, it will matter less post-collapse.

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