To do

Well, work training period’s over. So I’m back to my usual nonsense, though I’ve spent most of my energies in the Neanderhall today. This is a good time to summarize all of the stuff I’m supposed to be doing, as well as tabulate replies I owe to people. I figure the replies get priority, and anyway they’re easier.

If I can retrieve my password again (facepalm), Skype/Gmail times shall henceforth be approximately 11 AM to 1:30 PM, central standard time (+0500), most weekdays, presuming I’ve been a good little boy and followed my routines properly. Usernames are aeoli.pera and aeoli.pera at gmail dot com, respectively. Feel free to drop me a line if I’m online- if it’s a bad time I’ll say so.

Re: Glenn
Re: Slammy
Re: Polymath (x2: PM plus response to blog post for phrenology of “the smartest”)
Re: Egyptian
Re: Podrag (been way too long)
Re: Lazer (x2)

If you feel like I’ve forgotten to reply to you on some topic or another, please remind me (because you’re almost certainly correct).

MT math study plan
Liebster award thing
Second TT hall defib project
Pooter people
Abstraction and the spirit
Public domain phrenology and edenism reading list
Private domain phrenology and edenism reading list

Cro psyche speculations
Thal psyche speculations
Organization system 1.0
Emergent self-segregation: suggestion for neanderhall 2.0 tribalism
Edenism wiki and primer (this time with lower standards!)

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2 Responses to To do

  1. edenismstudy says:

    Haha, I sure know how it is when you say you’re going to do things, forget to do them, then end up with a huge pile of tasks. At least this is fun stuff, right? I downloaded Skype a while ago but have never used it. If you get yours up and running I can add you. Wouldn’t mind giving it a try.

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