Hey, remember when I used to do this?

Good times, good times. Or was it the opposite? I dunno, read my shit.

Most of these are pulled from recent Skype conversations.

On the process of creativity overload.

Okay, the very most important thing (which I want to make sure I describe fully), is that I started “getting ideas”. This is the term I used for it because other people can look back and recognize the process in themselves. Everybody gets ideas every now and then, but this is qualitatively different. You start getting a very large number of ideas and you can’t stop thinking about them. They intrude on your conscious thoughts and executive processes.

It starts when you’re around 20 years old. Anyway, it’s a very distracting thing. A lot of my organization system is set up to harness [Ed: or dispell] all this extra creative energy. It’s like going from 1 to 10 on the scale of creative energy. And to make matters worse, it’s never practical stuff.

Some recommendations if you start “getting ideas”:

1) Start carrying a little notebook. When you have an epiphany, jot it down in shorthand.
2) Take some time each day to expand a couple of the ideas. Pass the rest on as well-stated conclusions, propositions, or questions.
3) Exercise. Cardio early in the day means good sleep at night.
4) Go to bed right after work. Wake up absurdly early and do your creative stuff. This also guards against time creep.

I haven’t perfected the art of switching sleep schedules. For blueshifting, your best bet is to stay up all night on a weekend night, then go to sleep at around 5 and sleep until 5 the next morning. Redshifting is easy, you just stay up late one night and you’re most of the way there. I decided to play Skyrim or Oblivion during redshifts because they basically do this to ya anyway.

Some social definitions: A friend is someone you’ll fight beside, a brother is someone you’ll help to hide the body without asking questions :-). An acquaintance is someone you’ll work with or do business with, but won’t fight beside (except in separate, cooperating units). Under these definitions, friends are disposable, but brothers are not.

When we redefine someone who isn’t kin as a “brother”, it means we’re including them within an ingenopathic, altruistic brotherhood that occurs most naturally within genetic families. (I think mutation load probably strains some families.) Even within the “selfish gene” framework, the ingenopathic brotherhood is superior to self-interest.

Part of the reason we choose our friends is clearly genetic compatibility, but this seems to be only 30-50% of the reason.

I want to experiment with a preverbal written language entirely based on symbols and mathematical principles. There would be no correspondence between spoken words and the symbols, but rather a 1-1 correspondence between various abstract glyphs and either mental pictures or mental concepts or primary emotions, or whatever else.

Examples, hmm. Smileys are a good example because they already exist! “Lol” has a couple of ways that a verbally inclined person could voice it (“lull” or “laugh out loud”), but it is difficult for the mind to translate most smileys this way. Instead, we tend to short-circuit this process and translate directly from :roll: to experiencing the specified sympathetic emotion, which is a more primary experience.

More illustrative examples:

My opinion = &*
Your opinion = ^*
Is greater than = >

:) &* > ^*
Translation: I’m happy, my opinion is superior to your opinion.

If it were successful, we could have a coded form of communication that selects for specific breeds of intelligence. Negroids and Arabs would, I think, be unable to achieve fluency. Cros would be able to learn it, but it would be more difficult for them.

I’ll have to write up some design specs before really getting into this. But the vision is good to go.


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