Random bit about competing desires

Seems there’s a highly important class of psychological systems of competing desires that has a similar cyclical pattern. It’s a harmonic oscillator like a spring. And anyone who tends to such disequilibrium eventually tries to achieve stillness. But this is silly, any outside stimulus could set us in motion again, and the cycle starts over. So maybe the proper thing is to harness the cycle for the purpose of regularly projecting the energy external to ourselves, like an engine. Another possibility is to wind up the system using resonance and use it like a flail or a wrecking ball. One strategy creates, the other destroys.

Both strategies require something analogous to a crankshaft, or a handgrip. What’s the analogy? Maybe it’s the will, that tiny supernatural puppet string that provides these meatmachines with the extra energy they need to overcome entropy.

I dunno, I’m way over my own head with this one.

In TMs, this seems to manifest as a cycle between mastery of group dynamics and retreating to solitude. The competing desires are large group charisma (shallowsock melon front) and small-group altruism. This gives rise to what we call “burst” charisma: melon alphaness that makes them feel dead inside after prolonged use. So they retreat to nature, solitude, and one-on-one TT TM relationships to recharge. (By the way Zeke, in case you’ve been wondering you’re a TM.)

TCs (a rare and mysterious breed) ought to follow a similar pattern with cro-type extraversion. TTs have deepsock/bigocc splitting. Within the current environment, MMs tend to have harmonious goals and talents, and do not experience this type of existential crisis as often.

The MT extension feels more complicated, because I think we really need to distinguish between melontop and fauxcippital. Glenn and Koanic are kin, polymath is near kin, and bigoccs are nearish kin to polymath. If fauxcippital is civilized, OCD, burst-anger Christian Bale and melontop is egoist rage-o-pathic Pharaoh guy, then Koanic > Glenn > polymath.

One problem with all this theorizing is that it doesn’t account for long term and short term. Desires based in the cranium eventually over-ride the desires based in the face, which is the seat of the ego and personality. You might call the cranium a person’s soul (and because cranium influences gaze, this is maybe why folk phrenology emphasizes the thing about “eyes as a window to the soul”).

The desires of the ego seem more pressing in the moment and define our immediate choices, but through subtle influences it seems that the cranium defines the greater course of our lives. So the “harmonic oscillator” bit is already oversimplified.

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9 Responses to Random bit about competing desires

  1. Heaviside says:

    An infinite number of harmonic oscillators chained together is a transmission line.

  2. edenismstudy says:

    Yep, I think I am able to act as a sort of liaison between MTs and TTs. I’ll have to see if that fits with my real life experiences as well. I don’t think I have too much of a problem with competing desires myself.

    • Aeoli Pera says:

      I wonder if this is only because you’re still pretty young. Competing desires become more obvious when necessary resources are scarce. Time and money are always scarce, but they become especially so when you’re working for a living.

  3. Zeke says:

    Got me pegged with that TM business. Are you my recharging TT?

    • Aeoli Pera says:

      Haven’t been for years, unfortunately :-(. But you have a wife and a kid now, which will forestall any existential questions for a long time :-). I seem to be something more like your cultural advisor at this point, if anything.

      With any luck, your wife leans a little bit TT, but not too much (dysfunction afflicts women in lower IQ strata than men). That seems to be a pretty stable, harmonious pair-bond.

  4. I dated a TC and there’s a CT woman in my office. They’re weird. TCs at least have a good heart tho. CTs are good to observe because it’s like the cro mind unmasked.

    • Aeoli Pera says:

      CTs are pretty standard in rural Minnesota and other rural white areas with highish genotypic IQs. You even see a lot of deep sockets, but if you’re looking for intellectual companionship it can be frustrating because it produces a lot of false positives.

  5. Aeoli Pera says:

    >I like to the view the occipital as a kind of “access plug” to what is, or could be, coming down the stream of reality. The front of the head then course corrects based upon reality checking through way of the frontal lobe.

    I continue to envision it as a statistical and recombination engine. Statistical heuristics account for the particular reality-grounded form of intuition. Recombination accounts for creativity.

    The visuospatial ability is tricky to track down, because the best correlation seems to be brain size and maybe hippocampus size. Anyway, I’m starting to ramble.

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