Feminists importing nannies

Original post by Vox.

[Judgy Bitch] focuses on the black population, but it is actually the newly imported Hispanic and Asian populations that are more relied upon in this regard. And so, once more we see that feminism is a societally destructive institution. It is more lethal than National Socialism and less economically coherent than Communism.

One commenter mentioned that lower class white women are actually bearing the brunt of this effort, and initial observations indicate that yes, ugly white women outweigh the variously colored in the childcare staff demographic. Probably because there are still more of them, and single motherhood knoweth no ethnic boundaries except that imposed by genetic predisposition to k-selection.

I take issue with commenter “J”:

They won’t be American black, they’ll be African immigrant. Better educated, better attitude and work ethic.

A month ago, before I started my most recent job, I would have been inclined to agree. But this does not seem to be the case. By observation, African immigrants tend to be poorly educated and lazy (though they have the sense to pretend otherwise), and their attitude is only better in the sense that they have an inferiority complex to their host population instead of a hilariously delusional superiority complex.

So with African Americans it’s “Gimme, cuz privige,” and with African immigrants it’s “Gimme, because oh, my back, and my daughter, she is sick…”

Some of them are smart due to biased sampling, but even the smart ones are pretty undereducated. It’s just as if they’d been educated in the inner city; they may be capable of learning calculus, just don’t expect them to know it already.

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