New plan with new approach: conventional wisdom minus X

I’m plagiarizing the theory from somewhere, but I can’t remember whose it is. So I can’t attribute properly. Somewhere along the line, I decided to try following common wisdom to the letter in matters of diet, sleep, and exercise. And since I’m going on a bit of a health kick too, this seems like a good time. Trouble sticking to a diet or exercise plan is not one of my dysfunctions. (I’m not lazy, just a little weird and, occasionally, incomprehensibly stupid.)

I’d do this with work, finance, and career planning too, but the common wisdom is even worse than it is for dieting.

Anyway, theory. Two ideas in tandem: 1) It’s better to avoid a little bit of poison than to eat a lot of good stuff, and 2) Conventional rules tend to help you avoid traditional pitfalls. A good strategy is to adopt conventional rules as precisely as possible and try to solve issues by removing potential problem factors one-by-one. This is a good way to isolate them.

Being more a fan of “shotgun” experimentation, I’ll naturally prefer to run a few experiments at once. This is pretty okay, because if there’s “poison” in one of my foods (or habits or whatever) I’ll still notice the effect if I’ve dropped three other foods from my diet. Narrowing down the problem is pretty trivial from there.

Sleep plan

11:30 PM to 7:30 AM each night. This matches my work schedule (2 PM to 10 PM, occasionally working a little late), since I’ve cured myself of the desire to work double shifts. My pre-sleep routine is absolutely perfect, so I won’t be changing it unless I forego masturbation for a while or something. I have noticed that I sleep much better under the influence of routine cardio, so I’ve added a light jog to my routine in the early morning. No serious running that detracts from weighhtlifting.

I have two alarms, a nice one (music on the phone) and a less nice one half an hour later. After the nice one, I rouse myself long enough to remove my sleep mask and pop a 200 mg caffeine pill. Then I turn on a light (if necessary), close my eyes, and let my body wake itself up. Takes ~10 minutes. If I fall back asleep, it’s cool- I probably needed a power nap. But once you get used to wearing a sleep mask, it is hella tough to sleep with the lights on.


In the morning, stretching and a 15-minute run or so, followed by hygiene routine (slight adjustment to that: cool-off shower, followed by warm shower for muscle relaxation and comfortable shaving). If I’m feeling nice, I’ll listen to an audiobook as I stretch. If I’m feeling lame, I’ll watch an episode of something dopamine-heavy on Netflix.

I probably won’t feel like tracking the times on these runs. Doesn’t matter. I’ll do these six days per week and skip on Sunday, maybe go to church or something crazy like that.

Work now, more later.

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