Drunk IQ test results

I recently retook this online IQ test whilst hammered. In my previous attempts (approximately one year apart), I reportedly scored 136 plus-minus 6 both times. Inebriated Aeoli scored 139, a slight improvement. I noticed no difference on the vocab or spelling portions, though I felt a bit slower. No difference on rotations, which was kinda surprising (I was expecting either an increase or a decrease). I noticed that my performance on the analogy and rushed arithmetic sections (particularly arithmetic) were both higher and felt much easier than usual. I usually get stressed out in those categories.

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4 Responses to Drunk IQ test results

  1. Nottuh says:

    Maybe 139 is your real IQ, and you’re just too nervous to attain a score like that most of the time unless you’re drunk.

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  3. rillxn says:

    We have identical IQs but you’re magnitudes of analytic depth and breadth more intelligent than I. I’m also INTJ if that matters. I estimated you in the upper 140-low 150 range because that’s usually the IQ of people whos intelligence I can comprehend, appreciate, and translate down to my comprehension level. Beyond that it gets too abstruse for me to enjoy. This as well as a few other IQ anomalies I’ve encountered put into question the veracity of the metric as anything more than a ‘ballpark’ of someone’s general mental acumen.

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