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Today has been a wonderful day for copy/paste blog entries. And now I’m drunk and my standards are low. An opportunity! For my next pseudonym, I’m thinking either Tanda the Bear or something related to Tom Bombadil or Puck, the … Continue reading

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Substantial anime

I’m adding Attack on Titan to my top 5 anime list. It’s a distinguished list, but it deserves the accolade. It maintains an incredible number of interesting, sympathetic characters. Really strange world-building. Sci fi in fantasy/steampunk clothing, excellent plot with … Continue reading

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Hey, remember when I used to do this?

Good times, good times. Or was it the opposite? I dunno, read my shit. Most of these are pulled from recent Skype conversations. On the process of creativity overload. Okay, the very most important thing (which I want to make … Continue reading

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Maybe this was the point of all those dysgenic policies

The tendencies for government officials, who prefer the designation authorities, project their dictatorial attitude upon a compliant public. “Most disturbing of all, Stout says at least six out of 10 people “will blindly obey an official-looking authority to the bitter … Continue reading

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