A visual guide to African penetration

Yes, this post is exactly what you’re thinking. Only the best for my readers.

I’ve been stumbling through this little infographic here, looking for interpretations:

My first thought was “whiteness” of inhabitants, but that seems to be only part of the story. “Conservativeness” and “tribalism” are better contenders, but still unsatisfactory. I’m going to go with a two-factor interpretation here: proportion of blacks in the population, and “white guilt”-derived welfare support for their typical parenting process.

(I’m tempted to go with the single factor of miscegenation to account for Brazil and chavs in the UK, but I don’t think it fits. Anyway, chavs seem to be completely a white people thing, wherein the lower classes become predominantly “low-church” atheists.)

Note that two-parent households are the norm even in Nigeria, which is not well-known for its eugenic practices. Under such conditions, two in three children still have fathers in the home.

It’s different in America, where 80% of Afro children grow up fatherless. This situation may be attributed entirely to white guilt and welfare programs, and you’ll note that countries with white majorities and propaganda-heavy legacies of slavery (UK, US, Brazil, South Africa) are most skewed toward the bottom.

Now that the picture is clear, the implication is obvious. Dependable, distributed charity from whites to blacks is evil. I’m tempted to say inter-racial wealth distribution of any sort is mostly evil, but it’s too soon to say. It seems to work okay for melonheads and cro-mags in a sort of symbiotic feudal system.

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3 Responses to A visual guide to African penetration

  1. Heaviside says:

    In the feudal system the nobility just decisively outbreed the commoners, which raises the question of why aren’t there more melonheads?

    • Aeoli Pera says:

      Off the top of my head, I’d guess that extreme general cognitive decline has afflicted all mixed hominids, and smarter ones moreso. So there are plenty of higher-admixture melons walking around, but they’re almost as dumb as the rest of us. If, as I believe, there are a couple of the big coneheads still walking the earth, it would be because they preserved their bloodline to the extent that they cannot reproduce with modern humans. But I still think they’d be dumber than their forebears, because it’s difficult to run a eugenic program with just a handful of people.

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