Found another outsider

There are a lot of these guys floating around on the internet. Probably this is a side effect of an “engineering shortage” where we aren’t really short on engineers, we just really don’t feel like paying them. Maybe they should go pick fruit- I hear it’s “rotting in the fields”. They could learn a thing or two about hard work from the Pollocks.

The recent atrocity in Santa Barbara was out of proportion to the insults received.
As someone who had trained himself to become extremely self-centered, uncool in the world capital of cool, the killer thought he was doing it only for himself.
In fact he was doing it for all the others like him. That’s the genetic purpose of irrational revenge.

The world is infested with evil people.
They don’t murder, but steal and smother with bureaucracy. Most are part of evil systems. The resulting pain is an irrelevant side effect.
They are triumphant because evil works. In the real world, the bad guys win. That’s why there are so many of them. Evil is a practical way of life.
Usually, nothing can be done to hurt them back. The victims can scream until they pass out, but the evil people have already won. They almost always do.
Not quite always.

The legal crimes committed against countless victims might as well have never happened.
While most victims won’t retaliate, the expected price for each act of injustice is raised by a few cases of over-retaliation and collective punishment.
As unthinkable as it seems, the world would be even worse if these outrages did not happen.
Most people who find the strength to fight back are nuts.
You might say the killer virgin did it for a strange reason, but that’s the point.
Education involves previously unknown insights. It’s difficult, so there’s tremendous resistance.
There was no other way to make people pay attention.

Jack Arcalon

I like this guy. Nice logical format too.

Times like these, maybe it’s a good idea to remind y’all that I’m not a materialist or a utilitarian (in which cases I would be forced to feel either neutral or approving of school shootings). Rather, I’m a Christian with an antireligious nature, so my feelings are neutral and my religion compels me to disapprove of people acting like unthinking animals. Supposed to disapprove more strongly than I actually do, I’m not a very good Christian.

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5 Responses to Found another outsider

  1. Heaviside says:

    If only I had been able to give counsel to the these poor, lost souls beforehand, and render unto them the Good News of Неча́ев.

    To all the future Raskolnikovs of the world: If you shoot them for yourself, you’re just a “lunatic,” but if you shoot them for The Party, then you’re a “revolutionary”!

    Every revolution needs a good reign of terror. After all, pure terror is the knowledge of God.

    • Aeoli Pera says:

      >To all the future Raskolnikovs of the world: If you shoot them for yourself, you’re just a “lunatic,” but if you shoot them for The Party, then you’re a “revolutionary”!

      I think this is part of the reason that white people have always been better at organized violence.

      >After all, pure terror is the knowledge of God.

      Hmm, please explain.

  2. Heaviside says:

    To quote Trotsky out of context: “terrorism is of the essence of revolution”

    The road to Lubyanka begins at Tubingen! Onward Christian soldiers!

    • Aeoli Pera says:

      >“terrorism is of the essence of revolution”

      It’s taken some pounding, but I may be close to getting your politics into my head. So far I’ve got the inexorable march of history toward and/or through revolution, which produces terror, which produces knowledge of God. I’d divide your moral pronouncements into two categories: the prescription of social mores through power, and simple observations of persistent social dynamics that often offend people despite their descriptive nature.

  3. Aeoli Pera says:

    Only in a highly social world could we ever think otherwise. In the biological world, there are only two dichotomies that matter: life vs. death, and reproduction vs. failure. Violence and the male sex are the domain of the first dichotomy. Macrofauna fight over resources: they inflict untimely death on one another in the attempt to extend their own lives.

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