“Aspiepath” = an aspergic sociopath

(If you’re wondering, I like to use these pullquotes as inspiration for topics I already have in mind to write about because I tend to be more of a perfectionist and lack initiative when I’m writing from scratch. So I’m not calling people out, it’s just a productivity thing.)

I hate using such autocentric language all the time, but the only way I can understand other people’s experience is by relating it to my own, so my opinion on the amygdala theory is that I might be amygdala damaged, but I don’t really know.


This has been my theory on you for several months now. Also subtract an ACC (deep sockets) and add extreme proficiencies in the frontal, parietal, and occipital, strong interconnectivity, and the strange, pervasive myth-weaving compulsion of the “aspiepath” as I’ve termed them (both aspergic and sociopathic), and you begin to make a great deal more sense.

You share many personality features as the typical deepsock. That is, you have given up on simulating other minds as “people” and rather analyze them as physical objects following intuitive physical laws (in the occipital or parietal fashion). I do this as well, hence my psychological theorizing is odd. But through the NH, I’ve learned that there are people I can empathize with, whereas you haven’t because you are also amygdala-deficient (hence the unusual positive reaction to images that are usually negative: holocaust trains, splattered brains, that sort of thing).

For some reason, deficiencies in human instinct actually seem to further increase intellectual ability. Aspies and sociopaths are both better at formal reasoning, and the combination of the two seems to universally produce very high IQ, particularly in technical fields.

I’ve identified Hegel as another aspiepath, I knew a white aspiepath in college, and polymath knew an Asian one in high school. Most of the descriptive facial features are pretty informal at this point, but there seems to be a very distinctive chin and lower face shape, along with an otherwise aspie upper face (though thinner and far less feminine). Gary Busey has the lower face without the aspie traits, and he is only a sociopath and not an aspie. So I believe the stereotypical chin corresponds to the amygdala maldevelopment and the upper face corresponds to Asperger’s. Bill Gates doesn’t have the characteristic chin, but personal anecdotes indicate he would score highly on Bob Hare’s checklist, so he’s in the “maybe/probably” bin for now, along with Randall Munroe of XKCD fame.

Here are two examples of the characteristic sociopath chin: Hegel; Busey front, 45 (before the car crash). You can see that it’s fairly long, prominent, and flat. Intuitively, it strikes me in kinda the same way as a face without a philtrum.

Typical interests in all cases seem to be electromagnetism, totalitarianism, torture, mythmaking and surrealism. Personality traits are primarily ingenopathy mixed with the mythmaking compulsion. It’s a strange mix, so I’ll try to illustrate rather than explicate. There’s an old joke that goes:

“How do you know if the guy you’re talking to is a Harvard grad?”
“I dunno, how?”
“He’ll tell you.”

By analogy, how do you know if an aspiepath is fascinated by medieval torture? He’ll tell you, and then he’ll explain the names and origin stories he’s made up for each of his favorite pencils.

You (Heaviside) might be slightly different because your upper face corresponds to the deep-socket flavor of ASD, whereas all of the other examples have very shallow sockets. Not to mention the dualback, longface, biracialism, and generally large cranium. You are therefore a very rare specimen.

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7 Responses to “Aspiepath” = an aspergic sociopath

  1. Heaviside says:

    Everyone is an actor, but some are also writers.

  2. Heaviside is one of the most interesting people on the internet. <3

  3. I must say looking at those aspiepaths I do feel resonation with those faces. I think I’ve said before that I feel like half sociopath half Aspie and I came through 50% on the NH aspie test. I do also hold a fascination with the macabre but also love to love, or at least try to haha so I dunno I probably sit somewhere on the scale and it’s interesting to see.

    • Aeoli Pera says:

      You may be thinking of the rdos aspie test, as the NH has no test (we’re a bunch of layabouts). Have you sent in your pics? Polymath does the typing these days.

      Maybe you’re one of the non-balding left-handers Tex just posted about. A poorly mixed hybrid that happens to be very successful in the current environment.

    • Aeoli Pera says:

      And I should mention that pretty much everybody with an amygdala has a macabre fascination, the difference is in the reaction. A sociopath watching an execution will feel a surge of pleasure, possibly mistaking it for a religious sort of feeling.

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