Dithering above my pay grade on Israeli strategy

I strongly suspect Israel’s chief strategists already know what Israel will eventually be forced to do with regards to Gaza, the West Bank, and the remaining Jews of Europe. They really don’t want to bite the bullet, understandably enough, considering the gargantuan hailstorm of outrage it will provoke. The current invasion of Gaza is nothing more than a delaying measure. And yet, the sooner they address the Gordian Knot, the sooner they will be in a position to deal with the potentially bigger US problem.

Vox Day
Next year in Jerusalem

I suspect that, rather than run-of-the-mill human stupidity, the Israeli’s are delaying the inevitable out of prudence. They know as well as anyone that a season of general turbulence is coming, and they don’t want to be the epicenter. Furthermore, you can get away with a lot of outrageous stuff during a war. I’d guess that they are waiting for the world’s attention to get caught up in a big black swan, a world war or a rogue WMD discharge or maybe a solar flare.

On that note, I’d add them to the list of unlikely-but-possible suspects in the Flight 17 debacle. CIA still tops the list.

Let’s take a moment to formalize the tacit historical relationship between the US and Israel. The US supplies the money and F-22s, and Israel acts as a lightning rod for general Moslem insanity. This is the stuff real alliances are made of. The Jews get their homeland, and Americans get the peace of mind to hold potlucks and buy color televisions and watch football. Vaisya don’t fancy the whole “war” thing like the upper and lower classes do (although this may be confusing to millenials, who are more used to seeing proles in McMansions blasting the same music as their trailer park schoolmates).

One can easily argue that Israel has reneged on its side of the bargain, and seemingly without provocation. But then, every human action has some provocation, even if it’s the Elliot Rodger sort (“You didn’t compliment my beautiful hair or even have sex with me, I’LL KILL YOU ALL!”).

Seems to me like the strategic thing for Israel to do in this situation is to start a big war between the West and the Great Religion of Peace, during which they exterminate the Palestinians and repopulate Gaza with expat New York bankers and their ill-gotten gains. Now that would be an impressive way to finance a shiny new air force.

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3 Responses to Dithering above my pay grade on Israeli strategy

  1. hyper says:

    Maybe that’s why they don’t just blindly return fire against rocket attacks. A simple tit for tat policy might eventually get through to Hamas. I always thought Israel’s overcomplex pacification efforts just made their enemies madder.

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