The psychotic genius switch

Oops, almost didn’t post something today. Need to think of an easy, short one…

Ah, how about a brief description of a mysterious phenomenon. There seems to be a switch of some kind in the brains of some- but not all- TTs that flips at the age of 20 or so. Bruce Charlton’s description mirrors mine, though I can’t find it. It’s almost 2 AM dammit, just take my word for it. (Edit: Aha!)

Anyway, before this switch flips TTs have very good memory and no real creativity, and then the high associative horizon thing hits all at once. Charlton’s experience was apparently less traumatic due to higher IQ and higher conscientiousness, but there was still a period of adjustment. We can take his experience as prototypical since I can’t remember if I’ve described mine yet (I think I wrote a bit of advice for creative overload sometime in the last two months).

Anyway, that’s the mysterious phenomenon. Which raises this question: what is the nature of this switch? What happened to our brains to produce such a rapid change in cognitive style?

Need to name this phenomenon for future reference…how about sudden-onset, persistent, irreversible creative diarrhea? Or maybe the epigenetic blogging instinct. Whoa, great band name bro.

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