Let’s run the numbers real quick

The current liberal theory is that, well, sure the Obama Administration hasn’t cracked down on plutocracy in its half decade in power, but that’s only because America doesn’t yet have enough Mexicans so that there are still two parties. But soon there will be enough Mexicans in America that the Democrats will be invulnerable and then the Democrats will really crack down on the billionaires. You just wait! The Forbes 400 will never be able to withstand the righteous might of enough of Mexicans in America. The plutocrats should be shaking in their custom-made cowboy boots.

Of course, most of the American billionaires are for more Mexicans in America. They don’t seem to see Mexicans as a massive threat to their political interests.

But even more strikingly, in Mexico there are already over 118 million Mexicans. Yet somehow those 118 million Mexicans have managed to let Carlos Slim rip them off so badly that he is, let me repeat, the richest man in the world.

That probably ought to tell you something interesting about the future of inequality in America.

But nobody seems too interested.

Steve Sailer
The Most Interesting Man in the World

Hey, I’m nobody. And yes, I am interested.

Let’s do some rough crunching to see just how much the real Slim Shady is ripping off the high-energy, low-IQ folks who will soon be doing the jobs Americans will not, living in the houses Americans do not want, having the babies Americans are not, filling schools Americans dare not, and generally enjoying the American dream that low-middle class Americans can’t afford.

Since we’re comparing the wealth divide between the richest and the rest, it only makes sense to mimic Sailer and compare Slim and Gates:

#1 Carlos Slim Helu & family $80.5 B $512 M | 0.6%
#2 Bill Gates $79.5 B $323.3 M | 0.4%

(Table plagiarized from the link above, with some cells removed. The data is from Forbes.)

There are 119 million Mexicans in Mexico, so Slim has $720 (USD) per Mexican. (That is, if Mexicans were to “eat the rich”, they would each get a check for $720 in exchange for gutting Slim.) This is 7.2% of the per capita annual income in Mexico, which is $9940. There are 322 million people currently living in America (2014), so Gates has $247 per person. This is 0.88% of the per capita annual income in the US, which is $28,051. (All additional data in this paragraph is from Wolfram Alpha.)

If anything, the difference is much bigger in reality because Gates’ products are sold around the globe, whereas Slim is merely setting egregious rates on calls between Mexico and the US. Both men may be monopolists at heart, but Slim has been perhaps ten times more successful at ripping off his countrymen with a product that is lackluster even in comparison to Windows.

Edit: Whoops, Slim is actually Lebanese. Huh, now I think about it so were the guys who owned the strip club I worked at, and a few other strip clubs, and some bars and restaurants, and most of the rest of that city block. A nice little uberminority, to be sure, but not a Chopin or a Tolstoy to be seen among them. (This suggests to me a potential method for creating melonhead facial morphs.)


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3 Responses to Let’s run the numbers real quick

  1. Heaviside says:

    >but not a Chopin or a Tolstoy to be seen among them.

    Both antisemites.

  2. hyper pessimist says:

    Slim’s biggest victims probably admire or even love him.

    • Aeoli Pera says:

      Almost. In my experience, it is the elevated slaves who are most enthralled. Makes sense, because they are at risk of being demoted to the untouchables. According to Heaviside, Marx called them the “labour aristocracy”.

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