Amygdala theory for K-selection

Another simple one, but I’m proud of it. I might have already written it somewhere, but whatever, fuck it.

Here’s the skinny: most men can’t have sex while their amygdalas are firing. This is a good safety mechanism, as you wouldn’t want to be having sex while in an environment that inspires fear or disgust. But sex is a messy business, and once you get going the amygdala is actually programmed to shut down because the grossness of sex would otherwise be a disgust trigger, and therefore a turnoff. Paradoxical, but you can ask any eight year old and they will tell you that yes, sex is objectively gross. If we still desire sex, it is because we are able to ignore this.

Anyway, species with larger amygdalas and higher IQs will tend to have sex and children less often, even if it’s freely available, because future threats seem more immediate and scary to them. They are less able to live “in the moment” or turn off their general, base-level anxiety. Within a K-selecting environment, this is sufficient to create an upward spiral of intelligence and amygdala size while intelligent, forward-thinking, paranoid macrofauna are more successful than fast-breeding microfauna and parasites. So intelligence and fear work together as the mechanism that actually produces K-selection within the proper environment.

To illustrate, a paranoid man will actually be disinclined to have sex if he has not already gathered enough supplies to last through the next harsh winter. In contrast, a careless man may have lots of sex and several children by several women, but in this K-selected environment he and his sluts and his children all die in the next winter because they haven’t properly prepared like the paranoid man has.

But having a big amygdala can definitely backfire, if it never gets a strong enough kill signal during sex. In such a case, a person would be unable to overcome their gag reflex in order to copulate. In point of fact it’s fairly common for geniuses on the extreme end of intelligence to be disgusted by sex, and to be virgins for this reason rather than general dysfunction. Sidis was one of these, and I suspect Newton was another. Furthermore, such a person would retain their redirected sex drive (and according to NH whackos a bunch of metaphysical stuff that I know nothing about) and probably express it in a neurotic manner. Hence all sorts of strange, sterile, nonthreatening/nondisgusting fetishes.

This naturally raises the question of what causes the more common fetishes that cause fear and/or disgust, like pooping on chests and licking feet and S&M. I confess I don’t have a theory for that yet, but it seems to be at least partially accounted for by the war bride/rape fantasy theories espoused by androspherians.


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7 Responses to Amygdala theory for K-selection

  1. Heaviside says:

    Fear is a quick way to access the realm of primordial images.

    Sex is disgusting. Having a functioning amygdala has nothing to do with it.

  2. Heaviside says:

    All sex is bestiality.

  3. mobiuswolf says:

    I’ll buy that. I always liked it just fine, but non-disgusting partners are few and far.
    Many disgust triggers are not physical. I want to say most, could be just me.

  4. ThalMelon says:

    This seems more plausible than you may believe yourself. Reading through the Your Brain On Porn site a few years ago, I stumbled upon many porn quitting stories. One common thing in them was fetishes that were only non-disusting while they were aroused from internet porn. After ejaculation or during being not in a state of arousal, they found the fetishes physically disgusting. After rebooting (quitting porn for long enough for the brain to recover from porn damage), the disgust reflex returned for their past fetishes.

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