ESR’s autopsy analysis

Good stuff, basically confirming what we already know.

The first thing that jumps out at me is that this was not wild, amateurish shooting. Had it been, the distribution of bullet holes would have resembled an irregular blob. The near-linear arrangement suggests a relatively steady hand and a shooter who wasn’t panicked.

It also strongly hints that Brown was not moving sideways when the shots were fired. He was either stationary or moving directly forward or away from Officer Wilson.

This picture tells a shooting story

Nothing else to add on the point, ain’t my desmene. I do need to get my ass on the shooting range though. Being a primarily defensive creature, I can probably leave off the learing rifles and hunting until nightfall.

Anyway, Steve Sailer likes to note that the media tends to run off like this with the most retarded stories possible, and when the facts come out the whole narrative tends to go sideways after several iterations and epicycles. The possible cases fall between two extremes: either it’s purposeful, or it’s not.

To that, I append the concise Vault-Co argument.

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