The situation up top

I almost forgot, I was going to describe the whole bit about one guy tossing lit matches, and another one stamping them out. Well, here’s my unschooled take on it, true or no.

What we’re seeing in Minneapolis is an immune system over-response, comparable to a high fever and enlarged lymph nodes. If I wanted to do some actual work for once, I might try to reverse engineer the actuarial decision to relocate X and Y troops and equipment at Z cost and public relations factor PR, so as to offset the potential death toll N and public relations factor PR-2. Solve for N and PR-2. (For once, I’m glad to be lazy.)

The actual infection might be ideological, ethnic, spiritual, something else, and probably a combination of all sorts of homo sapiens and homo capensis nonsense. What I can see is C-5s spooking the herd, and none of the top-heavy bureaucratic business as usual. I think this is the effect of a well-executed, cell-based revolution. In retrospect, we’ve always kinda known the intelligence community had gone rotten post-WW2. Buncha Jewfags and Mormons with too much funding, whaddya expect?

It’s like in The Moon Is a Harsh Mistress where a supercomputer wakes up, starts going by “Mike” and decides to play community organizer with an old Bolshie professor. Except in this case, Mike was a legion of NSA network admins who realized they could read Obama’s e-mail and fund this kid Zuckerberg’s startup, and the Bolshie professor was…well, a bunch of Bolshie professors. And journos, and film-makers, and a whole bunch of other deathkult retards. Well, when Mike can read everybody’s e-mail it’s easy for him to keep the Bolsheviks informed on who’s a proper revolutionary, who’s not, and who’s just following along. By the time it all comes out in the open you have a pretty good list of trusted frequencies.

In such a case, it would be pretty easy to find a pilot who’ll bring an ebola patient to New York without doing his patriotic duty to reroute the flight into the ocean. (Should have said Atlantic last time, not Pacific. Dumb.)

So now we have several generations of presidents and congressmen and God-knows what else who’re all “international” kids raised in private schools in this country or another, then moving on to Harvard or Yale and this chapter or another of Skull and Bones, and all of them compromised. But not as compromised as their opponents, whose taxes are subject to special audits and whose private browsing histories are available to Edward Snowden with a couple of keystrokes.

Yeah, this becomes more of a problem when a lot of smart folks are just up and doing as they’re told. To all you spooks out there: Forget pride, what happened to your gag reflex?

The reason I think this probably isn’t the big one is the old revolutionary handbook says you don’t need to start any particular fires, you just have to cause trouble in general and try to capitalize on it. (Or don’t capitalize, even. Just make everybody miserable, because The Cause.) And at least there’s an immune response this time, and probably will be the next time too. But the immune system will get weaker and more spread out, or might just slip up. Entire agencies and departments and thinktanks in Washington are corrupt with goodthink, and the infection is spreading from the highest levels of the military down to the parts where it actually matters.

To summarize the picture, some patriotic soul out there gave the order to suddenly relocate a shit-ton of personnel and equipment to Minneapolis at great cost and without warning anybody, because Training Exercise. Then he was resigned by his boss, a butch lesbian who couldn’t hack it in the infantry, because Time With His Family.

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8 Responses to The situation up top

  1. hyperpessimist says:

    I still can’t believe that ten years ago the media didn’t make a peep about BushKerry’s membership in one of the most sinister secret organizations, and the masses of the public just let them get away with it.

    At this point my paranoia radar is so far out of whack I’m suspecting the ultimate overlords are the only ones NOT in on the great conspiracy.

  2. Heaviside says:

    My view of intelligence agencies and military organizations is that they tend to be very technocratic(and by this I mean driven primarily by “technical experts,” professional bureaucrats and managers) and focused on a very narrow set of interests. I would be surprised if any significant group in the NSA had an interest in influencing wider cultural and political affairs beyond the potential for simple monetary gain. These organizations are hammers which are staffed by people whose only interest is in polishing hammers, and will serve any master who promises to increase the hammer-polishing budget

    • Aeoli Pera says:

      I’m smart and conscientious, and the government pays me a lot of money to keep the constitution safe from terrorism both foreign and domestic. The system works!

      • Heaviside says:

        Just to illustrate my point further, I think you will find that generals who want to use their position to influence domestic politics are the exception rather than the rule.

      • Heaviside says:

        I would also like to add, that where in more authoritarian societies it tends to be the internal state security agencies which are dominant, here in the United States foreign intelligence under the CIA seems to be much more powerful than the FBI, which is probably a result of our being a cosmopolitan empire, and the CIA’s eradication of the Nixon-Hoover axis using its ties to the media.

        What a better place the U.S. would be today if Hoover had become what Beria wanted to be, though you would probably hate what he would do with the power of the NSA.

        Nixon was the greatest president we’ve had since, well, Nixon. A Real American who hadn’t sold out to the jews and the yuppies like Raygun, though missile defence is always cool(Certainly helped employ my dad; too bad I lost some of those documents.). One of the things I like about Pat Buchanan is his unrepentant love for his old generalĂ­simo.

        Himmler, Beria, and Hoover all look like SCs to me, in descending order. Himmler was a great man.

        Looks like I’ll need some sig runes to go with my Richard Nixon and Teddy Roosevelt campaign buttons.

        • Aeoli Pera says:

          >What a better place the U.S. would be today if Hoover had become what Beria wanted to be, though you would probably hate what he would do with the power of the NSA.

          Let’s be honest, I hate pretty much everything human beings do on a daily basis, and I’d prefer their eradication except that God says otherwise.

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