Two for the bestiary

Internet censorship is accelerating.

I won’t spend time arguing the point, except to point out that all this recent concern about “trolls” and “indecency” is a bunch of bullshit. Even 4chan is going the way of the NYT- who at least have the excuse of being foreign invaders to this wonderful land known as the internet. Moot, on the other hand, is a beguiled traitor who deserves hanging.

But all this complaining is, itself, moot. It’s time to talk about alternative communication channels. We should spend some time setting these up, and looking at which censorship threats are immediate and which are truly problematic.

The most immediate is the concern troll, the driftless hate-readers whom I fingered for the destruction of polymath’s Edenism Study blog. Was this a tactical strike? Of course not. Polymath’s blog had roughly as many regular readers as mine does. It was the petty vengeance of some PC, namby-pamby, genderless, shapeless doughcake. Though these Morlocks are fueled by their hatred to infiltrate, they can be stymied by technical hurdles requiring patience and calm-headedness. Given the low general ability of the population, most would be averse to such trials as Slackware installation.

Then there are the high-ability Eloi, who are not inclined to conflict except when they are driven to it by the whip, money, or an inner passion. By nature, they are logical and sheepish of brutality and public shame, which suggests Vox and Correia’s typical technique of verbal evisceration. This will drive these sorts back to their strongholds. These sorts are not as plentiful as they appear, and should be left alone once the real nastiness starts. Though generally useless in the infantry, a cornered coward may be dangerous. Better not to give these pathetic specimens any immediate fear with which to become useful.

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4 Responses to Two for the bestiary

  1. Heaviside says:

    Moot said he prefers Asuka to Rei. The Homintern must have gotten to him.

  2. Craig says:

    Arh So that’s what happened.

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