Coolest thing I’ve heard of in my entire life

Courtesy Vault-Co,

A home owner living in the Melikgazi district of Kayseri province in Anatolia made a surprising discovery while clearing out an area under his house – a subterranean city, of which 4,000 square metres have been excavated so far, according to a report in Hurriyet Daily News. The region of Anatolia in Turkey is famous for its underground cities, particularly in the region of Cappadocia where more than 40 complete underground cities and 200 underground villages and tunnel towns complete with hidden passages, secret rooms, and ancient temples have been found.

I can’t begin to describe the fantasies I’ve had about exactly this sort of discovery. I’m obsessed with trap doors, hidden passages, mazes, and underground abodes. This is the stuff I dream about. This is better than digging up buried treasure, or finding Narnia in a closet.

Just to be that guy, brah, I’ma point out that yes, classical Greeks were thals. Don’t believe it? They found bones in there. I bet they find something preserved well enough to pull an entire genome off it. Stay tuned for a couple of decades, the world of science is in for a wild ride.

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2 Responses to Coolest thing I’ve heard of in my entire life

  1. Heaviside says:

    Have you ever seem Being John Malkovich? I loved that movie as a kid.

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