Fixing all society’s problems…

…at the low, low cost of your time and fawning attention!

So, I figure you restrict teaching, especially primary school, to the smartest women (>120 IQ) who are also successful mothers (like restricting church leadership to successful fathers, a la 1 Tim 3:4), and stratify the teachers and their students by IQ so the smartest are taught by the smartest. Doesn’t solve the theoretical problems with the Prussian model, but it tightens up the execution a bit, and turns teaching into a respectable profession by restricting it to upstanding citizens. Plus, it provides an outlet for all that extra energy plaguing the gifted women, that would otherwise compel them to ruin perfectly good male professions.

If you insist on keeping everybody in school beyond the 6th grade, which is laughable to begin with, you gotta split up the sexes. Male teachers for male students, female teachers for female students. Otherwise, same business, with an increasing emphasis on civics, the quotidian requirements of adult life for the respective sexes, and trade specialization. A society of clerks is a cold, hungry society.

Might as well do the same thing with nursing, because healthcare is bottom-heavy with dour-faced, vibrant single mothers in scrubs who are just itching to get into administration so they can skip work every other day to look for little Dawayne’s new daddy.

If we’re going to treat humans as capital, we may as well do it right.


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