Summary and comments

Summarizing this discussion thread so far:

To their credit, and despite the Elizabot-channeling concern troll on behalf of the police, the VP commenters get to the crux of the issue pretty quickly. 1) Whether wearing a uniform, alone, makes someone a valid military target by universal association with others similarly uniformed. 2) Whether guilt may be shared by a group, or passed by association. And least interesting, in the particular case 3) whether it is possible and/or likely that these two particular cops were “stand-up” guys, rather than normal cops, or the “bad apples” we hear about so often. Normal cops are here understood to be well-described by Fred Reed’s experience and speculation, plus the commonly observed Blue Code of Silence phenomenon whereby video evidence of police misconduct is mislaid with extraordinary consistency, plus the newly observed phenomenon I shall christen “the appeasement of insolent minorities”.

Recent news has brought us some remarkable examples from Ye Olde Englande, wherein two scandals were brought to light. In the first case, we have one of the more egregious child prostitution rings in history ever discovered, flourishing in the comfortable shade of the political-media axis. No public hangings have yet been scheduled, presumably because the modern Englishman prefers to avoid making a big fuss.

In the second case, we have the mass kidnappings and semi-kidnappings of shiksas by “Asians” (Pakis, of course, but Arabs are an insolent minority currently in favor and Asians are even less favored than whites). I say “semi-kidnappings” because it’s hard to tell if she’s just playing hard-to-get when you barely understand her language, and most of the time these idiot hoors are drunk, alone, and we’ll say “dressed to have fun”. When seven swarthy young men offer her a ride to a party…and when I say Arab men tend to be pushy, you can take that as an understatement…and let’s just keep in mind there’s a gray area of consent regarding delusional, drunk sluts in general.

(The S&M community can tell you this isn’t really a novel problem either: though it is the responsibility of both- or all- parties, if you want to establish mutual trust and respect and demarcate the activities within your comfort zone, you should probably do that before the ball gag goes in. But I digress.)

Which brings me to the definition of appeasement of insolent minorities, as promised. This is a law enforcement strategy by which the smaller crimes of highly troublesome minorities are studiously and systematically ignored in order to keep the general peace. This will happen whenever the less troublesome groups will put up with insolent crime more than troublesome groups will put up with escalation of law enforcement. Ignore 1,400 white sex slaves, no riots, no problem. Shoot a petty criminal in self defense, cities burn. See? Keeping the peace, no contradiction whatsoever.

Another example: A coworker of mine had his laptop stolen by a Hmong guy, whereafter he ascertained through anti-theft software the IP address and physical location of the laptop, and the names of the people using it (through webcam photos and screen captures of their Facebook profiles). He is now more than a month waiting for the “detective assigned to his case” to follow up, or return his calls. I’ve told him he’s being stonewalled until he gives up, but during college he converted from a Roman Catholic to “a man of science” (his words, seriously :-P), so you can guess how well he deals with uncomfortable realities. I append this merely as a pedestrian example, rather than the extravagant (and rarer) ones above.

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    Laptop coworker should post all details to Reddit and 4chan.

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