An experiment

Returning to this for a moment…

Curiously, Google search of “‘Why pedophiles always seem to be in charge as empires decline’ aeolipera” returns “No Results” for me. It’s unusual for Google to be unable to pull up one of my posts with a quoted title, despite my insignificance. Can someone out there please try to reproduce this?

Heaviside dittos, so I’d like to probe into the mechanics of the system through which the post was dropped from Google’s search results. I doubt there’s an NSA analyst scouring my blog for dangerous ideas, as flattering as that would be. There probably weren’t any humans involved in the process at all, or a random hate-reader at most.

First test is to determine whether the post was flagged merely due to some sort of vocab/linguistic analytical algorithm thingy. I’ll be starting a couple of dummy blogs where the offending post is one of two entries (the other being a control), and monitor daily for one to disappear and the other to stay up.

If you’re also interested and you have a blog or some other throwaway webspace, please quote the entire offending post (linked above) with the same title. Adding words should be fine (e.g. explanation for others or reminders to self), but please don’t delete any words. And no links to your experiment here, please (links are a strong confounding variable- metadata and all that).

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