Quick social observation

If possible, I like to rush through my morning routine and responsibilities in order to buy myself time for putting up a post or two before leaving from a nearby coffeeplace to work, as opposed to the RAM dump sort of posts I’m trying to put up at nights (victory condition is a ways off :-P).

These posts tend to be either “reactive” or “inspired” as I call them. Reactive means I read something (probably in the news) that ticked me off or otherwise externally inspired me to spill my guts on a particular topic. Inspired means something is weighing on my mind heavily enough to make writing about it seem easy, sort of like when you release a kink in a garden hose.

Any other sort of idea isn’t worth taking the time to write about, because it takes longer and requires the exertion of willpower.

Now, having said all that, I don’t always make enough extra time to justify stopping at a caffeine dispensary. In such cases as today, when I only had twenty extra minutes, I simply bring my laptop to the break room at work. A discovery I’ve made since adopting this plan B is that people have exactly zero respect for coworkers who are obviously in the middle of something. This seems to be particularly egregious among native whites, as immigrants and blacks both tend to interrupt less. Remember that atheist coworker whose laptop was stolen? He managed to have a full 15-minute conversation wherein I never stopped reading or took my eyes off of my computer screen. (Hold those thoughts, the man is as neurotypical as they come.)

I’m trying to figure out why this is. People in cubicles also complain about getting interrupted a lot, and it seems to be related to distractibility-related work losses in general (Facebook and so on). Is it a golden rule vs. platinum rule thing, where people figure “I’d want to be interrupted if I were doing yucky work,” or a more devious evopsyche instinct “If he’s less effective, I’ll get promoted!” or mere thoughtless scripting like see person, initiate mindless small talk.

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