Left my RAM dump notebook in my sister-in-law’s car :-(. Decided to try the same lifting pattern while writing simple music. This doesn’t work, because writing music is much more hands-on. Crowd’s out the lifting.

Still, gotta find time in here somewhere. It’s been ages since I wrote something decent.

Add to list of potential edenic traits: high metabolism (prolly melon), abnormally high body temperature during sleep (like a living space heater, prolly thal).

I realized that rather than consciously controlling my posture, I’d be better off working out certain muscle groups (to the near exclusion of their counterparts). To wit, I’ve been putting a lot of emphasis on my upper back (“shoulders back”), lower back (“pelvis forward”), butt (“legs wide and feet open”, running also helps by developing the outer quad and hip flexor), shoulders and lats (frame development, plus shoulders are my favorite and best muscle group).

I need to add a grip workout though. I bet my tiny hands and weak grip probably have some epigenetic psychological effect causing my focus on ideas at the expense of practical pursuits. (For that matter, I wonder whether butt strength makes one more anal, which is to say conscientious. Hmm…)

First item of description that goes into my day/week/month planning is “workday” vs. “off day”. This is the first thing that goes on each day in my biweekly planner and on my sticky note for each day. Here’s my highly structured workday routine:

955 Wake up
1000 Stretch, download daily WSJ from audible and listen to audiobook; run (WSJ); shower
1100 Hour of cleaning apartment complex (for discount on rent, audible still)
1200 Breakfast, leave for work
???? Read, blog
1400 Work
2215 Piano (conscientiousness project)
2245 Leave for home
2315 Gym, RAM dump
0030 Organization system
100 Sleep

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