It’s my understanding that as one gets older, one ought to feel less desire to pilot a spaceship and go on fantastic adventures. This has not been my experience :-).

Sleep, exercise, and diet seem to form a self-reinforcing feedback loop that hasn’t been properly disambiguated, so far as I’ve seen. A disproportion among the three will cause a necessary desire to correct it. Ex: An exercise regimen will not withstand a diet of sugary cereal, nor a bad sleep schedule, but it will give encouragement to fix these, initially.

We edenist types generally take it as given that diet must precede sleep, and sleep must precede exercise. But I’ve seen an exercise binge kick off the cycle as well. There is a useful bit of theory lurking within this mystery.

Caveat: My gut seems to be pretty robust, as far as this group goes.

Speaking of that, we still haven’t solved the gluten intolerance problem. Is it due to GM grains (see Tex), due to gluten content alone or mostly (absent from traditional breads, sourdoughs, etc., H/T Slammy and Mycroft I think), due to disproportionately high carbs in the peasant/industrial diet, or maybe something else?

Within a short European history (300 years or so), enough geniuses have been sickly (chronically) that it’s a valid stereotype of its own. Many are not, but it’s disproportionate. Is it because they survive due to their tendency to be higher-born?

Thals seem to operate worse than most on the nutrition-light diets of the industrial (and post-industrial) world. Some mesomorphs and ectomorphs seem to be able to eat sugary carbs exclusively and still function well.

Gluten intolerance (diet intolerances and allergies in general) seems to be the new thing for white people, where previously it’s been autism, and ADD before that, and so on.

That post earlier today gave me an idea for a card game, tentatively named “Intersectionality: A game of modern rhetoric”. At the beginning, everybody draws cards that give their race, ethnicity, sex, religion, pitiful disease, and so on, with various “victim group” point values. A pile of Monopoly money goes in the middle of the group, called the “grant”. Whoever has the most victim points gets the money, and then the round’s over.

Maybe there’s a “raising awareness” stage for each round. After each round, you can buy tokens that give you extra points toward awareness like “don lab coat” or “adopt a beautiful foreign child”.

A perennial joke of mine is that I don’t know what I’m supposed to call black people or gays or whatever this week because I haven’t gotten the newsletter yet. Is it “African American”, or are we doing “black” again? Which one is racist again?

And it occurred to me that I could actually create such a newsletter, in the spirit of the parody Salon twitter. Tentatively titled “Realtalk: Your Guide to PC Newspeak”, the newsletter would be a weekly update on which words are preferred, which are banned, who right-thinking people ought to hate (and what names we’re calling them- haters? dipshits?), rankings to show which minority groups are hot (or not), and so on. Thinkgood in just half an hour per week!

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