Speculative psychology of cuckoldry

If it is true that the beta bux, alpha fux strategy is hard-coded and instinctive from long reproductive usefulness, then we should expect women to experience sense pleasure from the actions related to cuckoldry. That is, a woman will receive a perverse reward chemical when she succeeds in causing her provider to spend scarce resources on a child (or purse dog) who isn’t his own, regardless of her own relation to the child. And given sex with two otherwise similar males, one who is providing for her and one who isn’t, she will enjoy a unique pleasure from sex with the improvident man (as distinct from pair-bonding instincts, which give her a competing and often greater pleasure with the provident man). Similarly, she will feel competing instincts to children from different fathers, and in the extreme case a highly decadent woman will love the children of her improvident lover and hate the children of the man who provides for her.

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