Change of program

The most important change is that I’ve eschewed daily piano practice for C++. I’m sad to leave behind such a remarkable instrument, but it has served its purpose as a proof-of-concept and I have to prioritize my time.

The second change is to move the power training workouts from the post-work period before bed to the pre-work period just before clocking in. This only works because the gym is two blocks from my workplace. I should have done this a while ago, and I can’t really remember why I haven’t (violates my general rule about racing to sleep). The new schedule is therefore…

800 Wake up, stretch, cardio, hygiene, breakfast, prep
9000 Apartment chores
1000 Leave for coffeeplace
1230 Gym, organization system
1400 Work
2215 C++ (new conscientiousness project, replaces piano)
2245 Leave for home
2315 Pre-sleep routine
2330 Sleep

I’ve also cut the sleep back by half an hour, which is a small experiment. I had started moving the organization system to my laptop (which was working better than expected), but doing it at the gym in place of the RAM dump essentially limits me to a notebook. I will probably still do RAM dumps, provided I can finish the OS requirements efficiently enough to have extra time to spend.


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