Trying again to explain this bit:

A better and fuller description would be Pavlovian, where the entire logic is created by if-then statements (if mental state A, then behavior B) where the enthymeme’s conclusion is either a state of dopamine or not-dopamine.

Okay, so we have mental state A. Over time, the frontal lobe observes that A often precedes B, which is undesirable (lower dopamine). Given A, the frontal lobe urges us to do something because it fears the progression into B. Through experimentation, it settles on mental state C (which is preferable to B), because B does not follow C.

Example: Say you’ve observed that seeing the color red (A) gives you a sharp pain (B). The fear of B (the state of fear itself is C) somehow makes B not happen, because when you’re afraid you tend to shut your eyes. C (fear) is preferable to B (pain), so you adopt it as a coping strategy.


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