As we all know, eugenics is the worst thing imaginable. Yet, over a million Americans alive today are the result of sperm and/or egg donations. In those cases, somebody had to choose for some reason which sperm or eggs to use (except, arguably, in the rare cases where a system to insure randomness was devised).

Steve Sailer
The Inevitability of Infertility Eugenics

All well and good, right? But as Robert Oscar Lopez recently pointed out, selling sperm and renting out wombs is human trafficking without all the nasty middle passage stuff. But surely, the moral problem with slavery is the idea that humans can be bought and sold like animals. (Whipping people is also bad, except maybe sometimes, but then slavery without whipping is entirely possible. Psychiatrists have been making great headway in this field.)

It is incoherent to argue that selling sperm is not human trafficking, because there is no reason a person would buy sperm except for the purpose of creating a person. Or maybe the people who make invisible art are eating sperm as a delicacy, who fucking knows anymore.

Anyway, the end of the matter is this: the specific application of choosing better genes to conceive better children may be eugenic in the particular, but human trafficking is dysgenic in the main. HBDers would do well to consider how they are going to create a society that allows some people (and their genetic components) to be sold, and not others. Maybe if there were a government agency…

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2 Responses to Dysgenic

  1. Heaviside says:

    “Slavery is the very best form of socialism.”

    Slavery is one of the most rational policies that can be implemented for dealing with mediocre people.

    • Aeoli Pera says:

      I favor a case-by-case choice between obsolescence and extermination, myself. All three have biblical precedent, although the tribes that phase out of existence peacefully are rarely accounted, except in the genealogies.

      In cases of slavery, it seems to be best practice to kill the men, destroy all vestiges of the culture and interbreed with the women. After three generations or so, the new population tends to assimilate, although they remain low-status for a good while longer.

      But extermination seems to be God’s preference in many cases.

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