Nuts and bolts, edenic modular theory

In neuroscientific terms, we have white matter and grey matter, axons and nuclei (and dendrites). I’m going to hypothesize about which are over-represented where, because I don’t have the luxury of a proper education. But then, I have a lot of time for thinking because I spend most of my time on my feet, doing grunt work.

Most of our IQ seems to be related to the overall production and health of our white matter. This essentially explains the correlation with reflexes and a great deal of the first 99% of intelligence, as well as the correlation with general health, speedy memory storage and recall (formation and activation of new connections), the muddling of thinking and feeling (what ordinary people think “holistic” thinking is), the resistance to “labeling” or separating work life from personal life, and the fact that the dumbest people tend to be men and not women. It also has something to do with trannies, but I haven’t figured it out yet. Paging Creeper.

The frontal lobe seems to be a lot like a pile of flashcards, where the front of the card is a stimulus and the back is a factoid or behavior. I described this recently and I won’t rehash it here. In nuts and bolts terms, this means a lot of simple white matter (axon) connections to the basic input processing organs and not a lot of chemical interconnectivity between nuclei (each representing an idea; see the paragraph on T-backs below). It’s just an input axon firing, then the behavior neuron fires its axon, which sets off the actuator neuron (and maybe a nearby neuron goes off too, but just the one).

The major lobes, according to my imagination of racial interbreeding, are probably vestiges of the full brains of the edenic races. To illustrate this, I’ll use a modern example. Imagine an Icelander and an Australian aborigine have a child together. Now, these two genetic lines are about as far removed from each other as you can get and if it is possible for two modern humans to be called separate species, these parents are. We are joining two DNA instructions to create two different brains that are specialized to survive and reproduce in very different environments. Maybe this works out for the individual, probably it doesn’t. That’s the singular case.

Now extend the singular case to the intermingling of two radically different populations. Either the most effective hybrids win out in the end, or one of the two races will simply breed the other out of existence because the hybrids are less effective than one of the two pure races. Most likely, one of the pure races will acquire a few highly effective, complementary traits from the other race. An example would be modern homo sapiens sapiens inheriting the occipital bun from homo neanderthalensis. Of the thal DNA, only the bun’s instructions were passed on, whereas the rest of the brain is sapiens (maybe). The bun is basically fused on like installing a graphics card to a pre-existing motherboard. The plasticity of the sapiens brain (maybe) allows the sap to eventually tap into the input and output wires of his new graphics card.

In a less extreme example, we have races that are more closely related and share very similar brains. Say Hungarians and Germans. But maybe one of them has developed a specialized neural circuit that is very effective, like the concept of numbers beyond those you can count on your fingers and toes. This could be more easily grafted into a hybrid child’s brain than in the highly disparate example of the nord and the aborigine, because the brain DNA instructions for Hungarians and Germans are already highly similar. Big lobes fused together indicate hybridizations between two races or species of high evolutionary distance, while insignificant additions indicate either low distance or near-extinction (like the occipital bun example).

Within this theory, it makes sense that the occiput may be understood as both African and thal, if we accept that they had common ancestors. One group of occ-having hominids went to Europe and developed a bun (and probably a different brain entirely), the other stayed in Africa. Later, the African breed went to Europe and bred with the European variety, inheriting the bun (which interfaced nicely with the occipital bun, which is a very primitive part of the brain to begin with) and discarded the rest.

I’m not saying this is precisely what I think happened, but I think it is a very illustrative example for an audience that’s already read Tex and Koanic. Do some people have Amud-style frontal lobes? Did neanderthal even evolve a frontal lobe independently, or was there some cro-on-thal hanky-panky going on in the Levant before the big neanderthal extinction event?

The parietal and occipital lobes seem to be much more reliant on grey matter. Parietal thinking is extremely logical, reductionist, and efficient, suggesting fewer axons that are arranged more like logical circuits (activating to more specific neurotransmitter configurations, and, with practice, giving rise to extreme skill in calculation). Parietal thinking is empirical, rather than speculative, and relates heavily to motor processing. This produces people who “think like men of action, and act like men of thought”.

The occipital lobe (as experienced by T-backs), which is stochastic and restless, seems to have more nuclei with a larger number of dendrites and a lower threshold for activating an action potential. This means lots of combination and recombination of the same inputs, which gives rise to imagination and the day-dreamy introverted personality. It also makes sense that the cerebellum would be grey matter, because a stochastic computer behaves in a more “analog” fashion than the other, more digital arrangements.

Well, hopefully that wasn’t too confusing. Pushing the publish button now.


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    If I’m reading the sutures correctly, those skulls could be telling a very interesting story.

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