Side note

Don’t put your parents in a nursing home. The staff’s literacy rate is not what you’d hope it were for a bunch of people administering pills (better than 1/2, worse than 2/3). Many are unable to communicate due to thick accents, and cannot understand simple requests that do not contain familiar nouns: “bathroom”, “dinner”, “bed”, etc. I think my employer is trying to single-handedly rescue the third world, because she seeks out and hires anyone black who steps off a boat. A nursing home is probably prohibitively expensive for you anyway, but don’t do it. My philosophy on their existence: “Our product is to sell peace of mind to children and spouses who want to neglect their loved ones in favor of their jobs and social lives- without feeling neglectful.” Make no mistake, huge price tags do not ensure your parents will be treated well. If the customers (families of the abandoned) ever seem happy, the top dogs cut labor and food costs and gauge the reaction.

This job is still two steps above working at the strip club, but only just. I maintain that McDonald’s and Caribou are the only functional workplaces I’ve ever experienced.


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5 Responses to Side note

  1. hyper says:

    Can confirm the impression of nursing home conditions. Just imagine that everything is covered with a microscopic layer of poo.

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  3. ThalMelon says:

    You work in a lot of random places.

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