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Kudos to Vault-Co commenter KW Jackson:

While most people leech the same anti-gun propaganda from the TV-sphere into their minds and confirm it is correct via feedback discussions (extrovert truth seeking) the slide accelerates. As people become more extroverted (in the sense of how they seek truth; extro-veritas) the authoritarian agenda is more easily implemented. It’s why all mass shooters now have Aspergers (which is mostly misdiagnosis of low-level narcissism).

First of all, that’s a much more concise description of ACC-laced social cognition than I’ve pulled off in months of trying. “Feedback discussions”- absolutely brilliant.

On the second point, Tex expands in a replying comment:

This business of declaring any weirdo who goes crazy as having “Aspergers” is just an extension now of wherever they find a child with autism they claim it is “aspergers” to avoid hurting the parents feelings and telling them their kid is autistic.

Like Steve Sailer noted, autistic Somalians are different from autistic Minnesotans. We’ll probably see Down’s Syndrome added to the autism “spectrum” within a few years, because reasons.

People who have Aspergers are different and often have unusual ideas.

People who go on shooting rampages were said by others to have weird ideas. Ergo, people who go on shooting rampages have Aspergers.

The truth is that people with real Aspergers have overall lower levels of crime, delinquency and convictions for violence than the general population. They are timid and law abiding and are just not the sort of people who store up grievances and then “avenge” themselves on others. It is so unlike them but is typical of all so-called “ordinary” people. In shooting rampages it is just more extreme, a person trying to prove to the group they will be sorry for treating them badly. People with real Aspergers tend to want to withdraw and avoid groups, not “prove” anything to them.

This is merely an extension of extravert-style voodoo pscychology. People have been telling me my entire life, “You’re so quiet and nice and smart, I’m afraid one of these days you’re going to show up with a gun and kill everybody.” I want you to imagine trying to reply to this statement, coming out of nowhere, accompanied by a big smile. I think they believe this and they’re testing the waters by provoking a body language reaction.

Shooting sprees are not nice or quiet, and if there’s ever been a smart one I haven’t heard of it. Incoherence of the whole thing aside, I think I know why they believe this. Ordinary people store up grievances and enjoy listing them in their yelling matches, and they cannot imagine that low-status thals don’t do this. (Note: we do something similar, in crafting worldviews such as “X is a mean person”, but the details are largely irrelevant and often forgotten.)

Ordinary people consider “niceness” to be merely a means to an end for low-status people, therefore nice people are low-status (and therefore have lots of grievances bubbling below that wide-eyed, childlike aspie cheerfulness). The extravert response to any such weakness is to push on it in a plausibly deniable way (unless their status is high enough that they are “above the law”) until it breaks, stay clear of the blast (the shooting, or meltdown, or whatever), and then swarm over the carapace dripping with delicious drama.

A thal, on the other hand, will tend to withdraw in degrees under social pressure (sometimes culminating in homelessness, a possibility I fantasize about regularly), become less responsive overall, and eventually suffer from strong emotional dissociation, fixating upon primal needs. This is the proper response to being sent on the long, cold walk.


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  1. Heaviside says:

    I have never, ever understood school shooters. Haven’t they heard that “the pen is mightier than the sword?” If you want to get the high score*, you gotta write a book. Your own hatred and resentment can kill like, 30 people max, but a book can gather all of the hatred and resentment of people young and old, rich and poor, all around the world, into a single point of light, and unleash it as a falling star**. This I learned on Papa Marx’s bloodstained knee.

    They probably just don’t have the necessary future time orientation to wait a hundred years for the book to reach relativistic velocity as the ideas it contains fall from Heaven and vaporize a continent. That’s Idealism for you.

    To all the future school shooters of the world: Books, Not Bombs! And what rough Text, its hour come ’round at last, slouches towards Bethlehem to be born! Join an academic sociology department!

    Does a vast image of the World Spirit trouble your sight? Call our specialists today!

    *a term of art:


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