Just realized something blitheringly obvious

The human sciences were doing very well up until World War II. There are loads of interesting books confirming and discrediting the various superstitions of common sense and traditional lore, and then 1950 happened. All of the best minds went into the space race, brain-draining the human sciences into a near vacuum. Textbooks since then have been almost unreadable in their willful obtuseness. Brains have since returned to the fields, but they’re taking a long time to recover lost ground because they’ve been raised on Gould and Gladwell, and many will never rediscover Galton, Jensen, or the rest of the 1850-1950 cohort.

Is the same thing happening to the hard sciences? They are selecting heavily, and I mean heavily for IQ and conscientiousness- which means ESL Chinese students and the rare conscientious Jews or gentile- and they are becoming willfully obtuse in nature (try asking a physics student about cold fusion sometime- will he repeat half-remembered methodological complaints or make a mathematical argument?). But when did the Chinese ever do anything of note in physics that wasn’t merely algebraic rearrangement of terms? As far as IQ-multiplied-by-population goes, they are such remarkable underachievers that it’s a wonder we even allow them near our universities.

I think the space (race) cadets of yore must have ended up in Silicon Valley, but where are they going next? I bet the answer to that question is worth a lot of money.


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