Two thoughts

I think executive function disorder is due to chronic dopamine deficiency. It’s like depression-induced, lightweight Parkinson’s disease. This may be a shift in cognitive style from front to back, indicating a shift away from social cognition to natural cognition. The feeling of scattered thoughts may simply be an increased awareness of occipital replaying/recombination behavior.

I talked to a lady with Parkinson’s who described social activity as exhausting, explaining that there’s a lot of input to take in that she had taken for granted her entire life. I think this means at least part of thal social dysfunction is due to short-term memory shortage. We don’t take in enough inputs because we can’t store and process them quickly enough. Given shortcut mental pathways for categorizing behavior, I think this can be overcome. That is, we can’t intuitively process an ongoing string of microexpressions, but we could keep a running count of “attraction indicators” because these are processed more quickly and stored immediately in the giant worldview-intuitive-memory complex.


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