OS 1.0

Basically, it’s Cal Newport’s system plus a checklist of “input streams”: e-mail, texts, scratch paper (I use sticky notes to force myself to be concise- and they’re really handy to keep in my back pocket anyway), mail, RAM dump. Level 2 is hopefully going to somehow incorporate filing systems, a separate to-do list for optional tasks, and checklists for adherence to recurring tasks (scheduled daily, weekly, monthly). I think this means scheduling a bigger OS session on a non-workday. Level 3 will hopefully organize creative overflow. (Possibly scientific hacking endeavors? We’ll see, that might be level 4.)

Level 0 is still just the cynical philosophy “If it didn’t get done, and I’m still alive, it must not have mattered enough to remember it.” The opposite of perfectionism, it’s meant to apply to extreme environments, like heavy depressive swings or unusual danger (an active amygdala has a way of focusing the mind).


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One Response to OS 1.0

  1. Aeoli Pera says:

    >Not to impose, but I found my productivity skyrocketed when I ditched the telescreen. If you still have one I suggest removing it from your cave for a while.

    Have done.

    >I wonder if this is why stoic meditations on the worst possible outcome of a situation work so well.

    Can’t say. It’s the observation over time that occipital style reasoning becomes accessible to my conscious mind when I’m scared or horrified. That is, I can direct my otherwise restless and directionless intuition. Can’t say whether disgust works.

    This is also something of an indicator that I might be confusing frontal lobe intuition style with occipital, but I’ll have to dwell on it a bit.

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