Reflection on conscientiousness project

I’m declaring it finished. It never had much of an “official” character about it, so I’m allowed to do this- the idea was simply to focus on the ideal and approach it by hook or by crook.

My conclusion is that this project was somewhat productive, but not very productive, and certainly not efficient. It seems that the trait can be boiled down to organization (processing inputs), planning, and follow-through. This project focused mostly on the latter, whereas the former two are primarily matters of efficiency and routine maintenance. I also confirmed my pedestrian observation that the details of an organization system matter less than returning to it every day (and not losing the notebook/planner/file somewhere- this is a big recurring problem for me). All in all, the wetware matters far more than the software or the exertions of the will.

I’m going to qualitatively rate myself on the descriptive traits, using my typical 0-4 subjective scale:

Subdivision ability-fostering traits

(Then > Now)
3 > 3 Accurate; (Taken to mean precise)
2 > 2 Careful;
1 > 2 Coherent;
1 > 3 Consistent; (Much better than before!)
1 > 2 Dependable;
1 > 2 Diligent;
3 > 3 Hardworking – that is, all day, every day, as long as health permits, without free time, holiday, vacation or retirement;
2 > 2 Perfectionist;
1 > 2 Persistent;
3 > 3 Punctual;
2 > 2 Respecting detail;
2 > 3 Self-disciplined;
2 > 2 Tolerant to repetitive work (not easily bored).

Subdivision ego-strength

3 > 2 Determined; (Hadn’t articulated this to myself until now)
3 > 3 Driven by inner motivation;
4 > 4 Holding on to insights one knows are correct even when the rest of the world says one is wrong, for decades if needed;
2 > 2 Insensitive to habituation – as in drugs, spices, bad habits; habituation means to need an ever higher dose for the same effect; the conscientious strong-egoed person does not take that higher dose;
2 > 2 Impulse-controlling; able to delay gratification;
2 > 2 Strong-willed;
2 > 3 Uncompromising.

Subdivision ethics

3 > 3 Ethical;
2 > 2 Fair;
3 > 3 Loyal – to who deserve it;
3 > 3 Respectful – to who deserve it;
3 > 4 Responsible – taking responsibility for one’s deeds and utterances (but not for those pinned on to one by others);
4 > 4 Sincere;
4 > 4 Truthful – regardless of consequences, otherwise it means nothing;
3 > 3 Trustworthy.


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