Spatial ability and planoccipitalism

Spatial Ability

The application of pattern recognition and reasoning to spatial and visual matters. The essence of spatial ability is the mental rotation of objects. It tends to have somewhat less g loading than have verbal and numerical ability, possibly not because it is less important, but because it has a higher threshold in g and therefore is mastered by a more elite group with a smaller spread over the spectrum, leaving less room to correlate as a result of “restriction of range”.

Ability types measured by high-range tests

This is to say that, if edenists’ identification of occipital buns with spatial ability is correct, then people with occipital buns will almost certainly have high intelligence. It is readily observable that many intelligent people do not have occipital buns or high spatial ability (ex. Vox Day), hence the existence of at least one other trait cluster within the high intelligence cohort. Most notably, I think, is the brachycephalic profile identified by Europa Soberana with the flattened occipital bone (“planoccipital”).

Speculating a bit, I’ve noticed that the superstar type tends to follow this general build, particularly the high forehead bit and the stocky build. They seem to have inexhaustible energy and a life history that reads like an uninterrupted series of impressive achievements. Given their incredible physical health and high intelligence, these tend to be the smart, successful football players (with high Wonderlic scores) who later become entrepreneurs, executives, special ops guys (ex. Pat Tillman). Here’s a decent reference list of faces, with a lot of guys who fit this profile:


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8 Responses to Spatial ability and planoccipitalism

  1. Polymath says:

    Turns out you can take it online at this site:
    To convert to IQ, you’re supposed to double your score and add 60. So I got 25, which equates to an IQ of… 110. Sounds like a load of shit to me, honestly.

    • Aeoli Pera says:

      When I took it for a job I scored 2.5 SD above the mean, as usual. 42, 43, something like that.

      “Test scores range from 1 to 50. Adult working class norms of the WPT indicate a mean score of 21.75 and a standard deviation of 7.6 (Wonderlic, Inc., 2002).”

      So it’s like the Weschler in that it’s normed to the adult population, unlike the Stanford-Binet.

  2. Polymath says:

    Oh, and I definitely wouldn’t say that all people with occipital buns are intelligent. I’ve met plenty who are not. Mainly TC’s, I would think. It doesn’t seem like head shape is a significant predictor of intelligence. Overall head size is a mild predictor.

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