Tidbit on Aspiepaths

It’s usually obvious what I’ve been reading lately :-). Anyway, it turns out that aspie psychopathy is a real trait cluster, though very rare.


This is a revised version of the GAIA Asperger questionnaire. A high Aspergoid score disposes for both neurotic and psychotic disorders, as well as for creativity and, rarely, criminal psychopathy. It also appears this scale counts positively toward associative horizon.

The biological background of this scale is not known, but a slightly informed guess is that it is related to both prenatal testosterone (higher testosterone level gives greater risk of Asperger) and the dopamine/serotonin balance (higher ratio gives greater risk). This is speculative however.

Personality Scales for Intelligent Adults

Cooijmans is aware of neanderthal-aspie theory, and links to rdos on one of his pages.


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