Back to your original program

I just ate half a pound of beef and immediately got an erection. This is a good sign and a bad sign- I’ve got the right idea, but my testosterone has gone poopy. These last few weeks have not been exemplary- my weight is up to almost 200 lb, my motivation and conscientiousness are back in the shitter, and I lost the ability to do 50 contiguous push-ups somewhere along the way. Hmph, push-up bra, is more like. So I have some ground to make up.

I’ve changed almost nothing about the schedule on workdays, which is pretty nearly perfect. But I’ve added a diet program:

Breakfast: 1/2 grapefruit immediately after cardio (11 AM), 4 eggs (with mushrooms, hot sauce, ranch sauce or cheese) after working on apartment (12 PM).
Lunch @3PM: 1/2 lb beef, half bag of veggies (broccoli, cauliflower, etc.).
Dinner @9PM: Same as lunch.
Snacks @whenever: Mixed nuts, fruit, cheese, yoghurt, plain oatmeal if I’m really hungry.
Before sleep: Double shot of gin (or equivalent- it’s more fun than regular mouthwash), sleeping potion (hot milk, baking soda, honey).

Schedule for off days (just formalizing what I tend to do anyway):

Wake up whenever. Dress, throw laundry in the washer, and get out of the apartment within five minutes. Go to coffeeplace or library. Do whatever until I’m hungry (kind of a habitual half-day fast), go home and eat oatmeal (need extra fiber for the beef). If there are chores to be done, do them on the way home (not grocery shopping though, hungry is a bad time for this). Do a longer stint of cleaning at the apartment complex (makes the normal days shorter). Exercise (usually cardio, but whatever, I follow my heart on off days), shower, and knock out a couple of easy chores. Then big, long dinner (not sure which foods yet, maybe a wildcard day) with video games, and then music practice until burnt out and sleepy. Then sleepytime regimen.

Speaking of music and video games, I’ve added video games back to the early morning routine (IF I get up before my alarm clock) and music to the late night routine in place of the useful skill conscientiousness project thingy, which I’ve been able to knock out during my break at work most days.

If the usual failure cycle works and I get back in the gym, I’ll probably start getting more hungry more often. I need to test a couple of added diet things, but I’ll report back in a timely manner. Relatively. For me.

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  1. Aeoli Pera says:

    That could be a problem. Men seem to be more vulnerable to estrogenization than women are to testosteronization.

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