Daily dump

That’s right, I managed to get my damn fool ass back in the gym. Concurrently, I shall begin shitting ideas straight into your brain, because I know you’re into that you dirty slut.

It occurred to me that I announced the death of craniology a little bit prematurely. For one thing, I have not even looked up any books on the subject. That’s probably a good place to start, yes? Second, I realized that, rather than beginning with the analytical/statistical method of matching psyche traits to physical traits, I should instead look for “species” and subspecies of cranial shapes. This will efficiently form a more realistic basis, from which analysis can be more easily done. After all, we also type people according to their distance from racial averages, as well as their absolute dimensions.

It would be nice if Koanic were still active, because he’s a lot smarter than I am. Whaddya do, though.

First example of “species” of shapes, is the rounded Mousterian type, notable for having exactly zero notable features from the front.

It is not particularly larger than homo sapiens, nor particularly more dolicocephalic, nor unusual in any dimension at all. It is merely round and normal-sized (the occipital bun also tends to be pretty small and slightly above the eyeline), and shows up on a large number of modern Mousterians. The parietal isn’t shortchanged, as on footballheads.

Stubs for later: football heads, pillar heads, nordic heads, negroid heads, pharaohnic heads, maybe more as I think of them.

I can’t remember if anyone’s said this explicitly, but it’s possible that parietal enlargement (seemingly this is the metaphysical processor, possibly contains the “soul”) was the result of the whole knowledge of good and evil thing, hence the increased pain in childbirth (Gen 3:16).

I’m probably going to jump on Skype while I’m doing these. That means roughly midnight (ET). That’s a good time to catch me and be all like “Hey, you ever gonna write a Part 2 to [insert post I promised to expand on].”

The other good time is still noonish (ET).

So hey, I guess a side effect of this is sometimes these will be short because I’m distracted.


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2 Responses to Daily dump

  1. Matthew says:

    Today I learned I had never previously seen Schneier from the side.

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