Another cult idea

Since I can’t access the NH right now, I’ll put it here and link to it later. This is a less silly idea than the one I’d put up before, which would make for a humorous little blog of its own and not much else (Ginger Powah!).

I’m thinking of getting the thals to move somewhere in concert and dominate a small region, demographically and politically. Already, this spells doom according to 4G warfare (wherein the primary directive is to avoid centralization), so this is nothing but a passing fancy. In the least-dramatic application, we could pick some exit along some interstate highway in flyover country and take over the chain restaurants near to that exit: the Starbucks, McDonald’s, Subway, maybe even a couple of hotels. Eventually, after monopolizing the money that comes in from outside of the “town” (more like a truck stop), we could start our own businesses by which we serve each others’ basic needs, and ignore businesses run by others.

In local politics and community activities, we would ask each other “Is it good for the thals?” Though feeling a vague sense of unease all the while, the locals would eventually be driven out by economic concerns and new housing regulations. We could start selling software, books, and SEO to the outside world, and manipulate local house and land values such that houses may only change hands through inheritance or as gifts. When the tax man comes calling we send back his head in a basket, infected with the ebola virus, blame it on the Russians, then retreat underground to our networked fallout shelters to emerge in 2050 as mole people, a new hominid, eating the flesh of the living, which will have been simmered to perfection by radiation from the omnipresent nuclear terrorism following the war.

Well, it started out less silly.


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Maybe do this later?
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2 Responses to Another cult idea

  1. Aeoli Pera says:

    You’re on to something. Let’s conquer Alaska. Or maybe Greenland.

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