Really gets the idea across

This is what I imagine the seedy side of D.C. is like. I had politicians in mind when I discovered the Dunham-Kramer effect.

Only thing missing in that pic is the children. I think people assume I’m kidding about that, or exaggerating. I’m not. I think a large number of them have occupied that little table in the bottom right- that’s just the way evil works. They go after the innocent because it’s a worse sin, and anyway children are more vulnerable.

Same thing about saying “people are bad”. People think I’m kidding or exaggerating. There’s this, and then there are the thousands of little, tiny bad things people do every day which make it possible for stuff like this to happen. (And for people like this to continue existing. Remember that Ed Kramer bit? That fucker is still alive.) Most people don’t see these little bad things- seems you have to be antisocial- and then they’re all surprised when they’ve added up into a Big Bad Thing. Like when people vote for the lesser evil, election after election. Those lesser evils add up quicker than people think.

And that’s why I don’t vote. Any federal politician who advocates less than to quarantine and burn D.C. to ashes isn’t serious enough about justice. In the spirit of political compromise and moderation, I’m willing to consider gas chambers as an alternative.


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3 Responses to Really gets the idea across

  1. Heaviside says:

    I imagine that politicians are extremely dull, uncultured people. I wouldn’t be surprised if they were extremely circumspect about their sexual activities.

    • Aeoli Pera says:

      It makes sense, and many politicos are pretty upright/uptight, but we live in a world where Jimmy Savile and his political protectors were able to run an industrial-scale pedophilia ring for many years in peace. It seems that more than two people can keep a secret after all, provided it makes them more comfortable than the alternative.

  2. Random fan says:

    Picture reminds me of Crossed.

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