Nobody takes feminism seriously anymore

You aren’t allowed to joke about people who actually have power. Heaviside was right about the Jews, if a little off-topic.

Here are some parody videos I’ve seen for the 10 hours of blah blah video:

That’s my favorite, courtesy of someone sufficiently insane to read da blergh.

H/T Vox for that one. And I can confirm Vox’s general take on homos, they are not shy about expressing appreciation for good looks. Most of them are pretty civil about it, although they will try to steal kisses when they’re drunk. They seem to be really into gingers, as a Google image search of “hot gingers” brings up a fair number of male pictures.

H/T Roissy.

There are approximately one billion parodies coming out of YouTube for this video. The first hit is the original, and the rest are takedowns. The feminists must really be hurting if they aren’t complaining about all this ridicule.


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