Music Monday: Instrumedley by Dream Theater

(This is another one of those “conscientiousness project” things. If I can form the mindset to do something simple for three months in a row, maybe I can also learn to stay on the same topic for three days in a row.)

-No musical repertoire is complete without a little humor. If you don’t use a slide whistle at least once in a performance, you aren’t trying hard enough.
-Piano guy reminds me of Aurini. Dat occipital bun, son.
-Petrucci is the rare virtuoso performer who also has good taste in his compositions. It’s heady stuff underneath and chocolate frosting on top, like a Castalia House book.
-Asian guy is destroying that bass. It is a fact of life that any time a white man does something incredible, an Asian guy is going to be doing it twice as well within two decades.
-Once again, we observe that everybody except the drummer is wearing a plain black shirt. I think we can safely conclude this is a thal thing.


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2 Responses to Music Monday: Instrumedley by Dream Theater

  1. Polymath says:

    Have you heard the band Spastic Ink? You should find it interesting.

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